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I believe you will find all the help you need and deserve within this website.   The chances are that if you are reading this, you are seeking advice or you are looking to help someone who is experiencing workplace bullying.  You are in the right place!  Welcome!

“Dawn found a way to turn a bad situation into something good for others, whether they are government employees like she was, or someone working at a convenience store and being bullied by a coworker or employer”  ~ Lisa Suhay, Correspondent to The Christian Science

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See Dawn’s short video below to learn more about her story and how she overcame “dis-empowerment” and later became a sought out as an anti-bullying speaker, personal power coach, HR consultant, and author.


Dawn’s new book, “Solutions to Workplace Bullying and Discrimination” will be coming out soon.  Join her email community and get advice, tips, videos, and other resources about empowerment, overcoming workplace bullying, and owning your “personal power” at  Dawn’s Email Community!  

Dawn breaking her chain

“Breaking the chains of Disempowerment from Workplace Bullying & Discrimination”

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