Dawn Marie Westmoreland, Speaker, Author, Personal Power Coach & HR consultant

Supporting Employees and Managers with healthy and respectful work solutions

“Dawn found a way to turn a bad situation into something good for others, whether they are government employees like she was, or someone working at a convenience store and being bullied by a coworker or employer”  ~ Lisa Suhay, Correspondent to The Christian Science

“Dawn is a caring, compassionate individual with tremendous firsthand knowledge of bullying and whistleblower retaliation within the Federal Workforce.  After I came forward to Office of Special Counsel in December 2014 as a VA Whistleblower Dawn and I spoke or emailed quite regularly and her wisdom and “go get em” attitude helped me over the next 18 months to see my case through and win so I could get back to helping Veterans.  I will always be grateful to Dawn for her help and consider her a friend”. ~ Brandon Coleman, Whistleblower, Addiction Therapist, Anthem CBOC, VA Health Care System

Dawn has 22 years experience in Human Resources, a masters degree in Management/Human Resources, and is retired from the United States Air Force after serving in many leadership positions.  Whether you are looking for a speaker, an HR consultant, a one-on-one coach or a workshop facilitator, Dawn helps people to manage their “overwhelm”, control their stress, find their voice/strength, and set healthy boundaries with other people.   She helps clients to see the importance of working in a healthy and respectful work environment–whether that is as an employee or as a manager.   The cost of going to court over discrimination and bullying issues can cost thousands of dollars, take years to get the matter addressed in a hearing/court,  and it takes an emotional toll on all parties.

Check out Dawn’s short video below to learn more about her story and how she overcame “dis-empowerment” and became a sought out anti-bullying speaker, personal power coach, HR consultant, and author.


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Do you want to:

  • Be a better communicator?
  • Find peace and calm in your life?
  • Break bad habits?
  • Manage your stress better?
  • Breakthrough major “blocks” in your life?
  • Reduce your pain?
  • Understand who you are?
  • Overcome struggles and get your life back?
  • Set goals and accomplish them?
  • Earn more respect in your life?
  • Feel more successful?
  • Have less pain in your life?
  • Recover the power you once felt?

Dawn breaking her chain

Imagine your life where you have more confidence and respect from others.  You can accomplish goals that are in alignment with your values; you have stepped into your zone of genius.  Others are noticing that you are not the old you any longer.  Roadblocks no longer keep you “stuck”.   You are now living your life the way you want it.

When you exude confidence and can tackle life’s challenges, you grow personally and professionally.  You notice that people treat you better, your relationships with others improve, and you can communicate better.

When you work with Dawn

You :

  • Get to the root of the issue
  • Claim your brilliance
  • Learn to let go of overwhelm
  • Learn concrete strategies to step into a new version of you
  • Bring joy back into your life
  • Own your own power
  • Enter your zone of genius
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries with others

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